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What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

An independent insurance agent owns his or her own business. The agent operates independently of any insurance companies that he or she represents. Your independent agent (Goodman Insurance, Inc.) doesn’t represent just one provider, but rather is affiliated with a number of competing insurance companies. By dealing with more than one company, Goodman Insurance, Inc. can work to make sure that you receive the best possible options to meet your unique coverage needs.

The central focus for Goodman Insurance, Inc. is on what type of coverage, and which company best suites your interests as a customer. Because we represent the products of a number of insurance companies, we are able to provide you with targeted, individual service. One of the many reasons for purchasing insurance through Goodman Insurance, Inc. is that you benefit from our knowledge of the insurance industry. That knowledge ensures the best, unbiased advice you could hope for.

Insurance companies choose to work with Goodman Insurance, Inc. for a number of reasons. They believe that the independent agency system is one of the most efficient ways to provide their products to consumers. Goodman Insurance, Inc. works side by side with you, the customer, as part of the fabric of our community. Therefore, we have first-hand knowledge of your area and understand your circumstances. We are a very effective bridge between you and the carrier.

How do Independent Agents Benefit Customers?

There are many terrific benefits to you as a customer. To begin with, you have a chance to build a dependable, lifetime working relationship with Goodman Insurance, Inc. Because we know you so well, we will be able to help you make the best decisions about adjustments to your coverage as needed. Goodman Insurance, Inc. does not represent just one provider, we can seek out the best options for you, and you can be certain you’re getting the best value.

Goodman Insurance, Inc. can also save you time and energy by serving all of your insurance needs. In addition to providing you with a superior personal policy, we can handle your business coverage as well. Most customers choose to have one agent as their advocate for both commercial and personal lines of insurance.

Goodman Insurance, Inc. works as your strongest advocate, and can represent your interests with the company’s claims representative. You can be assured that you are getting personal, fair and fast attention in addressing all of your insurance needs. We are there to protect your interests, and to support you in times of need. If you suffer a loss, Goodman Insurance, Inc. will work with the insurance company to resolve your claim.

The bottom line? As a customer, you want to know the insurance advice and coverage that you receive is solid, coming from someone you trust, and in your best interests. Working with Goodman Insurance, Inc. assures you of all these things, and offers you peace of mind.

Please see the chart below:

Independent agent
(Provides access to many insurance companies)
Company agent
(Represents only one company)
Direct-sales company
(No agent services provided)
(Secondary business)
Offers choice of insurance products from different companiesYesNoNoNo
Gives more objective advice because not employed by an insurance companyYesNoNoNo
“Shops around” for the best coverage-at the best priceYesNoNoNo
Can access companies which offer specialized coverages for unique needsYesNoNoNo
Highly trained to help consumers make complex, vital insurance decisionsYesYesNoNo
Offers personalized, face-to face serviceYesYesNoYes
Lives in your community and supports local effortsYesYesNoNo

Our History

Arnold Goodman

Arnold Goodman

Arnold Goodman purchases Thompson Agency, Inc.
Thompson Agency, Inc. name is changed to Arnold Goodman Agency, Inc. Agency location moved to 503 Howe Avenue, North Haven, CT.
Agency location moved to 56 Bridgeport Avenue, North Haven, CT.
James A. Goodman named President of Arnold Goodman Agency.
Agency name changed to Goodman Insurance Inc., Inc. Agency location moved to 215 Bridgeport Avenue, North Haven, CT.
Goodman Insurance Inc., Inc. affiliates with Associated Insurance Agencies, Inc. North Haven, CT.
Agency location moved to 280 State Street, North Haven, CT.

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