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Health Insurance Options in Connecticut

Did you know that medical bills are cited as one of the top reasons for which Connecticut residents declare bankruptcy? When you don't have adequate health care coverage--or any at all--you increase your risk of jeopardizing your financial health while taking care of your physical health. Although it may be difficult to find room for health insurance premiums in your monthly budget, it's far better to spend a few hundred dollars for an individual or family policy than to end up with a $50,000 hospital bill that you need to pay out of pocket. Simply fill out the questions and in a few seconds you'll be matched with numerous insurance providers that offer the most affordable prices on health insurance.

Making some simple lifestyle changes, like quitting smoking, eating healthier or starting an exercise program, can help you save money on insurance. Insurance companies know that healthier people spend less on health care, and when you show that you're being proactive and doing your part to lower your risk, the insurance company will show their appreciation with a discount.

Working with an independent agent, you're able to get the attention you deserve; you're not just a random number, you're a member of our community. If you're in North Haven, Trumbull, Monroe or surrounding areas, give us a call today and we'll be happy to explain your options and help you find the right policy for yourself of your family.