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Connecticut Commercial Insurance Coverage

As your Connecticut insurance agents, we will work directly with you to reduce your costs while protecting your business. At Goodman Insurance Inc., we will help you with all of your insurance needs because we are an independent agency.

Connecticut Commercial Auto Insurance

Protecting the cars which you use for business is critical. Even if you have just one, auto insurance must meet state minimums as well as maintain enough coverage to protect your assets. Finding the right cost for your fleet of cars, trucks, or other vehicles is a critical step in protecting your business.

Connecticut Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

CGL insurance is critical in every type of business. No matter what you sell, you are at risk of a user being injured. On the other hand, your employee may overpromise on something, putting your business at risk for a liability suit. CGL provides comprehensive coverage to you, reducing this risk significantly. A simple lawsuit could lead to your business' doors being shuttered for good otherwise.

Connecticut Commercial Property Insurance

Your Connecticut property also needs commercial property protection. To protect your property, invest in comprehensive coverage that meets all of your needs, including providing protection from risks such as fire, weather-related loss, and theft. Even if you are leasing the building, a fire could cause the loss of your inventory, leaving you without any ability to recoup the costs.

Connecticut Workers Compensation

Employees in Connecticut are given the right to workers compensation protection. However, this does not have to be expensive. As an independent agency, we will help you find the most affordable workers comp insurance for your company. This way, if an employee is hurt on the job, he or she can get the injuries properly covered. At the same time, you do not risk losing out financially.

Connecticut Business Owner Package (BOP)

With BOP, you get the protection you need at an affordable level. This package may include all of the insurance you need. By rolling them together, you end up saving a lot of money and still getting ample protection.

Employee Benefit Planning

Have you considered providing for your employee's needs? Employee benefit planning can be complex, but our team can help.

For business owners in North Haven, Trumbull and Monroe, or other surrounding areas... contact us today to get quotes for the insurance coverage you need. The Goodman Insurance Inc. team is ready to help you to get the lowest cost but most comprehensive insurance for your business in Connecticut.