Residential Land Improvements To Keep Your Property Secure

The lack of security features outdoors makes your residence prone to theft and vandalism. Review the security guidelines that follow. Contact one of our Goodman Insurance Inc. agents who serve Shelton, CT to update your existing home insurance policy.


Before any land improvements are made, determine the risk of theft and vandalism that could occur on your property. In addition, consider natural weather events that could pose a threat to your property.

Any risk you determine could indicate that you need to make some improvements to your property to keep it more secure.


A fence and gate will prevent trespassing. These types of upgrades can also improve the beauty of your property. If you have children or pets who spend time outdoors, adding a fence and gate will ensure that your kids and pets are safe and secure when they spend time outside.


Grading your land will improve the appearance of your property. It will also prevent water from pooling on your land. Use grading equipment to level the surface of your property. Add gravel or mulch to improve the drainage of your land.


Keeping high-priced items out of view will minimize the chance of having someone attempt to trespass onto your land. Seek a storage solution for any items of value. If you decide to store items in your garage or shed, invest in a locking system that will protect the items.

Policy Modification

Contact one of our Goodman Insurance Inc. representatives to discuss the land improvements that you have made. An agent who serves Shelton, CT, will modify your home insurance policy for you.