Insuring Your Older Home

Classic or Historic, Your Old Home Needs Protection

The Shelton, CT area and Fairfield County are known for their older and historic homes. At Goodman Insurance Inc., we provide homeowners insurance tailored to the needs of these classic residences alongside standard policies for newer properties.

Factors Affecting the Insurance of Older Homes

Owning an older home comes with certain unique considerations, from regular upkeep to insuring the property adequately. Here, we discuss aspects of coverage you should be mindful of, as they can influence your premiums and even your eligibility for insurance coverage:

  • Aging Roofs: Roofs are frequently involved in homeowners insurance claims, largely because of their limited lifespan. A well-maintained roof can endure for 25 years or longer in the Northeast. However, as your roof nears the end of its lifespan, your insurance company might require a replacement before extending coverage.
  • Outdated Electrical Systems: If your older home hasn’t seen an electrical upgrade, you may face challenges when securing home insurance. Such systems can pose risks to both your property and its inhabitants. Upgrading your electrical wiring can make your home safer and potentially lower your insurance premiums.
  • Aged Plumbing and Pipes: Older homes often come with dated plumbing systems that may no longer meet today’s rigorous standards. Such setups may be prone to failure and code violations. A professional plumbing inspection can identify areas in need of an upgrade.

The Value-Add of Home Upgrades

Investing in upgrades such as roof replacement, electrical system improvements, and plumbing updates could lead to more affordable home insurance premiums. Certain safety and security upgrades related to general home maintenance and enhancements might qualify your older home for further discounts.

Reach Out for a Customized Quote

If you’re seeking competitive, respectful coverage for your older home in Shelton, CT, contact us at Goodman Insurance Inc. We would be delighted to conduct a home insurance review or provide a price quote custom-tailored to your specific needs. We look forward to serving you soon.